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Buy AccountsYandex is the most popularly used email application. Today over 600 million people use Yandex for sending emails. Having a Yandex account serves many purposes other than sending email. You can login to other applications like Maps, Videos etc. from Yandex. The features that Yandex offers like Metrica, browser etc. can also be used if you have a Yandex account. Businesses buy accounts for marketing. Other than the above mentioned features, the marketing and seo tools can also be utilised if you have a Yandex account.

Why should you buy accounts?

Businesses buy accounts in bulk being such a popular service in Russia. Having a Yandex account gives you access to other free services provided by it. Some of the services offered by Yandex are:

  1. MoiKrug – social network aimed at establishing business contacts
  2. Yandex.Catalog – directory sites
  3. Yandex.Direct – automated, auction-based system for placement of text-based advertising
  4. Yandex Disk – cloud storage
  5. Yandex.Fotki – free photo hosting
  6. Yandex.Images – search for images on the web, including search BY image itself
  7. Yandex.Mail – email service that offers unlimited storage
  8. Yandex Maps – maps
  9. Yandex.Market – comparison service characteristics of the goods and their prices
  10. Yandex Metrics – a free service designed to measure websites visits and analysis of user behavior
  11. Yandex.Money – electronic payment service
  12. Yandex.Music – service that facilitates free searching and legal listening to songs, albums and music tracks collections
  13. Yandex.News – automatic data processing and systematization of the news media of different sources
  14. Yandex.Panoramas – web service allows viewing of the panorama streets of cities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Turkey, which is the empowerment of the service Yandex.Maps
  15. Yandex Search – search engine optimization
  16. Yandex.Slovari – service to search for information on sites and encyclopedic reference content as well as on the basis of digitized by Yandex dictionaries and reference books
  17. Yandex.Taxi – service to match clients to available taxi cabs in Moscow
  18. Yandex.Terra – geological, geophysical and seismic data processing service
  19. Yandex.Translate – online translator
  20. Yandex.Video – search for movies with the ability to view the majority found clips on the search results page
  21. Yandex.Zakladki – project for storing custom bookmarks outside a browser (online)

Why should you buy accounts from us?

Glad you asked! When you buy accounts, you need to provide us with some basic details. We do not require your personal or bank details. All we need is you name and your email id or a contact number for contacting you or getting you updated about the status of your order. You can remain assured that your details are in safe hands. We do not provide any information to third parties at any cost.

Bulk accounts has a very fast delivery method. We start delivering your order as soon as we process your payment. You will start receiving your accounts within 4-5 hours. The complete order delivery may take up to 12-24 hours, depending on the package. The process to buy accounts is very simple. You just have to complete three simple steps to get your accounts. First choose you desired package, then click on the buy now button. Enter the complete details and make the payment. Yes! That’s it, you’re done.