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Buy AccountsFacebook may be the biggest brand in the social media space, but it is not the end-all and be-all of social media tools, especially outside of the United States. If you’re looking to engage consumers in Eastern Europe and Russia, your ideal social media tool is, instead, VKontakte or Vk. The premier social networking site in the region, VK, is often called the Russian Facebook, and compared to Mark Zuckerberg’s firm. Though VK is the smaller in absolute numbers of users, revenue, and several other measures, it is the go-to network in brand engagement for businesses looking to sell products and services in this region. VK was created to be a social networking site for, and of interest to, Russian and Eastern European speakers. It is meant for users to communicate with each other, share digital content, and play games, and intended for businesses and brands to use as a means of promotion and marketing. This the reason companies buy Vk accounts in bulk from us.

Why should you buy Vk accounts for your business?

VK, offered officially in English, Russian, and Ukrainian, provides a number of benefits to its users, as well as to brands. VK’s features include private messaging, news feeds, Groups, Public Pages, browser-based games, and privacy settings, as well as the ability to communicate, like and share content. Featuring a notably more robust search function than Facebook, it also allows you to add audio files and listen to music for free as well as to watch full-length movies, free of charge

By integrating VK into your social media mix, you can easily tap into a highly connected geo-demographic group. While by taking advantage of Pages and Groups, you will be able to inform and engage (respectively) VK users. Pages are ideal for communicating news and information about your brand. Product launches and demonstrations, firm-hosted events, and the like, are all ideally shared here. Beyond a company and/or brand page, Groups can help deepen engagement. These should be geared towards connecting customers around a common brand-related interest. For example, a manufacturer of children’s educational toys might create a Group about parenting that would encourage parents to share with each other how they supplement their children’s schooling. This Group could help the firm increase their brand and product awareness, gain product insights, and deepen brand loyalty, in addition to increasing sales. Buy PVA fresh Vk accounts today.

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