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Buy Plus Avatar AccountsLiveJournal is a social media network that provides a platform to the users where the users can express their views and opinion about each and everything and know what others think upon it. It provides a platform where you can connect with others, share your daily happenings, and be also know about the latest updates happening across the world. When you buy LiveJournal plus avatar accounts you get LiveJournal accounts that are complete and defined where they consist name and picture attached to the account with complete detail added. An avatar accounts is very useful account as it a complete account with picture so that users don’t find it fake and spam account. So buy LiveJournal plus avatar accounts to get massive accounts that are genuine and organic.

What are Avatar accounts?

Avatar accounts are the full profiled accounts which also have a profile picture associated with them. The profile pictures are in relevance to your order. When you buy LiveJournal Plus Avatar accounts, we deliver you completely detailed accounts with profile pictures, bio description, age, name etc. These accounts save your time as you don’t have to fill the details anymore. Buying bulk accounts becomes easy with us.

Buy LiveJournal Plus Avatar accounts – Features

These accounts make the profile look more authentic and genuine rather than seeming to be more like fake. Social media has too much to outsource as it offers a wide variety of area and you can scale up your business on a greater range. The online marketing is on boom and if you want your commodities to get popular then nothing will be best then the social media platform. LiveJournal is a best platform that allows the user to post their daily views in form of posts, dairy that is live and blogs.

  1. Friends list aggregation
  2. Friends filters
  3. Calendar view
  4. Message boards
  5. E-mail notification of comments
  6. Security levels
  7. RSS and Atom feeds
  8. Tagging
  9. Mood icons
  10. Userpics
  11. Customizing the display of the journal page
  12. E-mail posting
  13. User bio

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