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Buy Plus AccountsLiveJournal is an open source software project, with many uses limited only by the imagination. Use LiveJournal to start your own weblogging community, or just about any site with a community focus. You can use the features such as the support system and feedback technology, which comes bundled with LiveJournal, to run your own online business site. Buy LiveJournal Plus accounts and check the benefits yourself. Plus Accounts provide access to LiveJournal’s extra features for free, subsidized by advertising appearing on the LiveJournal system pages and the account holder’s journal. If you have an Early Adopter or Basic Account, you can upgrade to a Plus Account now.

Buy LiveJournal plus accounts- Some Features

LiveJournal has many intra-office uses as well, with its easy update and polling features. Use LiveJournal for:

  1. Work journals : Record what you’re working on, or scribble notes for future reference.
  2. Project logs: Multiple members of a project team to record their work, post meeting minutes, and discuss ideas.
  3. Announcement pages: Recording status updates to projects or systems on a single page, while notifying interested users.
  4. Discussion boards: Brainstorming ideas or soliciting opinions with a group, in a persistent but non-intrusive medium.
  5. Weblogs: Posting links to web content of interest to a particular group.
  6. Styles: Component S2 style. Expressive S2 style, with 26 variations on 6 themes. 27 of the 38 available themes for The Style Contest S2 style (upgraded from 2 of 38 for Basic accounts)
  7. Userpics: 15 userpics, rather than the 6 allowed to Basic Account users. Ability to purchase up to 15 additional userpics.
  8. Domain Forwarding: Your domain points at your LiveJournal;
  9. Text Messaging: With these vibrant features, businesses buy LiveJournal Accounts in bulk from us. You can try it too!

What are the benefits of buy LiveJournal Plus accounts for your business?

There are many benefits of using LiveJournal:

  1. Enhances personal productivity by providing a convenient way to record notes in a searchable, web-accessible medium
  2. Provides visibility between departments or geographically-separate offices
  3. Encourages communication by making it easy to share thoughts and comments
  4. Encourages people to get knowledge out of their heads and notebooks and into a visible, searchable, central location
  5. Provides more powerful tools for creating and accessing content than are available for ad-hoc log-structured web pages

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