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Buy AccountsEdublogs are blogs used for educational purposes. In education, the Weblog is becoming the favoured Web-presence; educators and students alike are taken by the blog’s advantages over the traditional Website. Without being radically different, the date-stamped blog structure lends itself to regularly updated personal records and comments on current Web-based resources, with quick and visible responses from other bloggers. In this way a Weblog becomes an accumulation of writing and other content maintained by a community of Webloggers who share a common interest. This easy interaction facilitates the development of learning communities. Edublogs is the largest education blogging platform on the web. It’s easy, safe and packed with features. Buy Edublogs Account today and you are all set for bulk blogging!

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There are several uses of Edublogs. Some bloggers use their blogs as a learning journal or a knowledge log to gather relevant information and ideas, and communicate with other people. Some teachers use blogs to keep in contact with students’ parents. Some bloggers use blogs to record their own personal life, and express emotions or feelings. Some instructors use blogs as an instructional and assessment tool, and blogs can be used as a task management tool. Blogs are used to teach individuals about writing for an audience as they can be made public, and blogging software makes it easier to create content for the Web without knowing much HTML.

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Edublogs FAQ’s


Edublogs is meant for individual teachers, while CampusPress is designed for entire schools, districts, or universities. Both come with the same great easy blogging features and tools.


Absolutely! Use the free blogging tool for as long as you’d like. There are no ads, gotchas, or anything like that.


They have added a ton of features, themes, and plugins that are geared just for education. Plus, they have a large community of educators and students that you won’t find anywhere else.


Their CampusPress networks can submit themes to be added. They do a complete and thorough code review to keep everything safe and reliable.


For sure, we make it easy to bring over your existing blog from most major services and you can also export your content to take with you at any time.